Federal Resume Guide

Federal resumes differ from regular resumes or curriculum vitaes in that they are usually longer and provide the relevant list of employment in the course of a life. USAJOBS, where you go to apply for federal jobs, has the resume builder that will be helpful to you to put the resume in the format expected.  Things to include on your federal resume

  • Address
  • Veteran’s Preference
  • Contact Information
  • Citizenship
  • Education
    • GPA, Credit Hours, Degree, Date Earned, Special Recognitions
  • Work Experience
  • Campus Involvement
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Skills
  • Certifications
  • Language, other than English, proficiency
  • Oral or Poster Presentations
  • Published Works

While a regular resume is broken into bullet points, a federal resume needs written in paragraph form. Specifically tailor the application to the position that you are applying for; you will never know if the same person will view your resume if you apply to different jobs, especially within an agency. If the paragraph of skills/abilities/work achievements does not match the job description, that experience will be discarded. Federal positions are very competitive, so it is important to be thorough but also specific. Federal agency hiring managers do not like a broadly tailored resume. Your resume will go through a scoring process to see if you meet the threshold for an interview. Minimize the use of technical/jargon language and abbreviations as the person reviewing your resume may not know what the acronym stands for. Federal workers are prohibited from making assumptions on qualifications so if a job duty is not matched on your resume, it may disqualify you for the position.

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