Career Coaching and Assessment 
We offer career coaching appointments and assessments for those who want to clarify career direction.

Resume and Professional Writing
We offer coaching appointments to help with professional writing skill development as well as free online resume reviews through Smarthinking.

Experiential Learning
We can help you find ways to get hands-on learning that supports the hard work you do in the classroom. Internships, global study and research all provide experiential learning opportunities.

Career Search Assistance
EU partners with a national network of employers who regularly post career and internship opportunities in our online system, Handshake.

Seminars and Workshops
Watch for career development programming on the EU events schedule or in some of your classes!

Graduate School Assistance
We can meet with you to provide information on the admission process and tips on how to prepare for entrance examinations.

Mock Interviews
We provide simulated interviews with post-interview coaching to help you gain skills and confidence.


Career Planning : Resources

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