Impendi Analytics

Impendi Analytics is a data-driven transformation specialist firm focused on delivering Cost Reduction Programs, Strategic Sourcing, Spend Visibility Solutions, Sales Effectiveness, and other Revenue Enhancement Optimizations. Founded by former partners of one of the world’s largest Big Data firms, our vision is to help our customers level the playing field between sophisticated sellers and under-resourced procurement organizations.

We get involved with your business when we believe we can help drive significant impact to your bottom-line. At times we augment your in-flight teams focused on increasing profitability. But more often than not, we affect transformational change by professionalizing the approach you take to strategic initiatives, such as sourcing and supply chain management. We do this by executing, with you, specific and fundamental activities to drive revenue growth or take costs out of the business that you can measure, track, and plan for along a timeline designed for in-year impact and even greater profitability improvements in year-one and beyond.

While working with you, we are also acutely aware of the need to fully equip your people with the ability to sustain improvements and drive future efforts internally. Every step of the way we work hard so you will be able to leverage the materials, processes, contracts, and other tools that will be left in your hands beyond Impendi’s involvement. We thrive in high impact, high stakes, high visibility situations.