Partnering with the Career Center

Our professional staff approach career development in a holistic way. “Career services,” a term that implies a transactional service model, has been replaced with an ecosystem approach that aims to incorporate awareness about the importance of career development into the entire academic experience.

Career development is not a transaction. It doesn’t come with a syllabus or set of instructions. It is not distinct from other developmental learning processes such as academic learning or personal growth. Instead, it is part of a complex learning process. Students pursue higher learning because they aim higher – including in their vocational pursuits.

Our team is dedicated to partnering with the entire campus community, as well as employers and organizations, alumni, families and the community to help steward our students in their entire learning and growth process. A list of our resources is included below, but all staff and faculty are welcome to visit or contact us any time to discuss ways we can work together to help Edinboro University students strive.