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Should I Study Abroad? Everything You Need To Know Before Making Your Decision

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Study abroad programs are an amazing way to experience a new part of the world. They’re a rare opportunity to go in-depth into a foreign culture. Plus, they’re a launchpad for traveling around a new continent (or the world). But …

By WayUp
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Can I Work While Studying Abroad? Everything You Need To Know About Students Working Overseas

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Can I Work While Studying Abroad?

Getting a job while you study abroad is sometimes possible. But it depends on a whole mess of legal issues that depend entirely on the country you’re in and the country you came from. …

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The First Five Steps to Getting a Master’s Degree

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Some students walk away from their undergraduate experience—or from high school, or trade school—with a perfect plan and most of the accreditation they need. These students just walk straight into their career and start earning money. But for the rest …

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More and more students are going to grad school, as many say the Master’s degree is today what the Bachelor’s degree was a generation ago. For many young students, the question is not whether or not to go back to …

By Dave Green
Senior Tutor, Head of the GMAT Division
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