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Handshake Account Changes

In mid-July, we will launch the PennWest Handshake site, where you can find student employment, internships, jobs, career events and more! 

 What will happen to my existing Handshake profile? 

If you have completed your Handshake profile on your current school Handshake site, your profile and any open job applications will automatically migrate to the PennWest Handshake site. 

 What else do I need to do now? 

If you have a resume or other documents on your current university Handshake site, we advise that you download and save those documents by July 10th. Documents will not be migrated to the PennWest Handshake site. 

 Can I still log in to my campus Handshake site? 

You will be able to log in to your current university Handshake site through July 10th. 

When and how can I log in to the PennWest Handshake site? 

You will receive a link with login instructions as soon as the PennWest Handshake site is available for you to log in mid-July. 


Contact career@pennwest.edu or message us via your Handshake account.

By Christina Moreschi
Christina Moreschi