4 Ways To Develop a Robust Career in Computer Science

Advancing technology is making more jobs obsolete, which can make finding the right career path stressful no matter what stage of life you’re in. Edinboro University appreciates what a challenge it is to determine your best path. If you’re looking for job security, solid growth opportunities and the chance to make your own schedule, here are four ways to develop a fruitful computer science career.

1. Boost Your Resume With an Online Degree

While you can break into many industries without a degree, even an associate degree can help open doors. Online courses offer a flexible option for busy students, so you can fit your classes into your schedule instead of rushing to campus several times a week, and you can even qualify for financial aid.

What’s more, going back for a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree can help you specialize in areas like cybersecurity and data analytics. When you combine your interests with in-demand specialties, you can quickly become a desirable job candidate. Plus, you can turn to your school’s Center for Career Development, which is dedicated to helping students prosper in their careers even after they’ve graduated.

2. Work Remotely

Many IT positions don’t require you to work in a physical office, which is great for people who prefer to work in their own homes. Even beyond that, as FlexJobs points out, there are some serious benefits to working wherever you want. You don’t have to feel confined to working in an office with an uncomfortable desk far away from the bathroom. In your home office, you can customize your equipment and environment until you find what suits your needs.

You’ll also save money by working remotely since you won’t need to pay for commute expenses, dress clothes, or eating out for lunch every day. Plus, many companies are willing to pay for education, so you can pursue an online degree to get even better at your job without having to spend thousands of dollars.

3. Try Freelancing

An office job or remote employment with only one company is alluring for a few reasons. This position can feel more secure and often comes with benefits. Your taxes are taken out of your paycheck, and you deal with the same managers or supervisors on the same projects on a regular basis. However, you may be stuck with a rigid schedule or not getting raises as soon as you’d like.

Freelancing often requires a little more admin work upfront, such as dealing with clients, setting up contracts, and sending invoices, but it can offer a lot of freedom as well. You can pick and choose which jobs you want, and Freelancer explains if clients become difficult to work with, you don’t have to take work from them again. This flexibility is great for students pursuing higher education since you can adjust your workload with your course schedules.

4. Take Advantage of Networking Opportunities

Networking can be difficult if you work remotely or as a freelancer, but these opportunities can help you find new clients and job openings to take your career to the next level. This is another benefit of getting a computer science degree. Not only will you be learning alongside people in your industry, but you’ll also have the opportunity to learn from your professors and other experts in the field. Don’t ignore event invites or local conferences, since you never know when a conversation with a stranger in the convention hall lobby will change your life.

Working a job you hate can wear you down mentally and physically, but you’re not stuck. By pursuing greater learning opportunities in IT and computer science, you can start a new career path and create a lifestyle you love. Connect with Edinboro University to learn more about how you can further your career today!

By Cody McBride
Cody McBride