Guest Contribution Request

The CDEL accepts guest contributions on a limited basis following a thorough review by a member of our staff. All guest contribution requests must be submitted through this form; no email requests will be accepted. Criteria for our review include:

  • Is the content or contribution relevant, aligned with our mission and goals, and of value to our primary audience?
  • Does the content attempt to sell a product, service, or solicit email, phone, or other personal information?
  • Is the content primarily for the purpose of promoting a service or product, or does it link to another form of content that does?
  • Is this content from a well-known, mainstream content provider/blog/website (i.e., Forbes, Vault, etc.), or is it a privately-run blog or website by an individual?
  • Can the content be fact-checked/is it well-sourced?

Once we complete our review, we will contact the requester(s) to inform them of our decision, which is final. Individuals or organizations who submit multiple requests after receiving a denial will be automatically denied and flagged in our system (subsequent requests may be submitted with new content, but NOT the content that was denied).

Please complete the form below to submit a guest contribution request, and allow up to ten business days for a decision on your request.


  • What organization do you represent, if applicable, and what is your current role? If you are a freelancer, indicate so.
  • We will notify you by email if your submission is accepted.
  • If your contribution involves linking to existing content, please copy and paste the link to that content or resource here. If not, write N/A
  • What type of contribution are you requesting?