AHN is Urgently Hiring Nursing Students!

Due to the general healthcare needs of our patients, but most notably the second surge of COVID-19, the AHN staff is challenged with the increased capacity of patients in our hospitals, ambulatory facilities, and COVID-19 testing sites. 
We all know the pandemic was not the beginning of the nursing shortage, but it has put us farther behind. At this point, we must think of how to staff our facilities more creatively while maintaining high quality care and ensuring safety.  And, at the same we want to make sure we are paying very close attention to, and safeguarding the health and well-being of our staff who have been providing remarkable care during these last months of uncertainty.
It is with this in mind, we are reaching out to you, another group of valuable partners – nursing students, Graduate Nurses, and Faculty.  WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Please spread the work on opportunities available to work in any of our AHN facilities – inpatient, ambulatory, and COVID Testing sites.
By Milo Orr
Milo Orr Graduate Assistant Milo Orr