Introducing Featured Alumni Career Mentors

The Center for Career Development and Experiential Learning and Office of Alumni Engagement are excited to launch a new initiative in the fall of 2020 – Featured Alumni Career Mentors! Many alumni have reached out to Edinboro to express interest in providing career advice and guidance to new graduates and current students. So many, in fact, that we launched a “Ready to Help” social media campaign designed to help students and alumni find each other during the summer of 2020. Due to the success of that initiative, we are now launching Featured Alumni Career Mentors on our career development website, TartanEdge.

Read on for more information below about the Featured Alumni Career Mentors initiative, including FAQ for alumni:

What are Alumni Career Mentors?
Alumni Career Mentors are graduates of Edinboro University who have offered to provide career guidance and support to current students or new graduates. This support can take many forms. Some Mentors are available to provide a resume review, or advice about how to break into a specific career field. Others may be willing to have a longer-term mentoring relationship and take a more hands-on role with a student. The depth and length of a mentoring relationship is determined by the mentor and mentee.

How can I become an Alumni Career Mentor?
Edited July 2021: Due to staffing changes, we are not accepting applications for new Mentors at this time.

Do you match Alumni Career Mentors with students or new graduates?
Not at this time. Students are able to view the existing Mentor profiles and may reach out to you directly, or connect with you on LinkedIn. You may hear from several students, or none at all.

Can I find students to connect with myself?
We do not provide lists of students to Alumni Mentors.

What should I expect when a student contacts me for mentoring?
Your Alumni Mentor profile will only include your LinkedIn or personal website link and your email address, so these are the only methods of communication a student will have to initiate contact with you.

We provide students with guidance on how to reach out to Alumni Mentors, in addition to our Guide to Professional Communication. However, we cannot guarantee that the initial communication you receive from a student will be perfect – in fact, it may be very casual. We encourage Alumni Mentors to be patient with students, as it can be intimidating for them to initiate contact with you. Students may reach out to you with a variety of questions, which is why it is so important for you to specify the types of advice or mentoring you are willing to provide in your application.

Remember, both mentors and mentees may feel awkward or uncomfortable during the first conversation. But also remember that you have something in common – Edinboro University! Start conversations by introducing yourselves. Share your favorite Boro memories with your mentee. Starting with email is a great way to warm up to a phone or face-to-face conversation.

Can I meet with student mentees?
Absolutely! It is entirely up to you and student mentees whether to meet in-person. We strongly encourage any such meetings to take place over the phone or virtually via Zoom.

What if I am not ready to be an Alumni Career Mentor, but I still want to share career advice with EU students?
First – thank you! Students benefit tremendously from hearing directly from those who came before them and have found career success. You may want to consider writing a guest blog for TartanEdge, or participate in a video interview about your career path. If you are interested in either of these options, please email

If you have any questions, or advice about how to improve or expand upon this new initiative, you may email us at

By Christina Moreschi
Christina Moreschi