Pennsylvania Nurses – Call To Action: COVID-19

Due to the critical nature of the time period we are living through, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is issuing a Call to Action for nurses! As citizens of the commonwealth, we all have a duty to our fellow citizens to help in any way we can.
So, The Department of Corrections, Department of Military and Veteran Affairs and Department of Health and Human Services,having a critical need for RNs and LPNs across the state, will be posting multiple job vacancies over the course of the next few days. These vacancies will be state-wide, so there will likely be a vacancy you can apply to near you. Given the critical nature of this need though, any single vacancy may only be available for as little as 5 days for applications as we are working to hire as fast as we can.
Please monitor and sign up for job alerts, and if you have any questions please reach out to the Office of Administration Enterprise Recruitment Team by replying to this email!
Thank you for your time and consideration!
-Enterprise Recruitment Team
By Peter Ostrander
Peter Ostrander Assistant Director of Career Development Peter Ostrander