Career Services Available During COVID-19 Response Period

The Center for Career Development and Experiential Learning will remain open and continue to provide services during the extended Spring Break and online class period. Students have many options to obtain services and resources. We also encourage you to check out our YouTube Channel for even more tutorials and videos!

  1. Career coaching/counseling: Schedule a phone or video appointment with a career coach or counselor in Starfish. If you select a Zoom Appointment, we will send you a link to use for the Zoom video conference prior to your scheduled appointment. Zoom calls are a great option for visual learners, because our staff can share our screens with you. This is also a good accompaniment to email resume reviews.
  2. Resume writing/cover letters, etc.: We provide extensive resume examples and guides on our website here: You may submit your resume for a review by a member of our staff on Handshake, or by emailing your career coach (listed below). You may also schedule a video appointment with us and view a live screen share as we discuss your resume.
  3. Interview preparation: We offer full interview preparation services, including mock interviewing, through our online Big Interview system here: You may view an instructional video about how to use Big Interview here: You may request feedback on your mock interview by contacting a member of our staff or simply sharing the video link in an email.
  4. Internship and/or Job Searching: Our internship and job database is online through Handshake, which you may access here (we already created your account, just activate it to get started): You may view an instructional video about how to activate your Handshake account here:
  5. Career Assessment: Our career assessment is fully online and available here: You may schedule a phone or video appointment with a staff member to discuss your results. 

You may also want to view our extensive articles and career development resources on our website during this time:

CAREER COMMUNITIES: Each Community includes information that is tailored to specific fields:

Business, Finance and Communications
Creative Arts, Media, Marketing and Design
Education, Social Work and Human Services
Health Professions:
Public Service, Law and Government: 


Career Planning

Job Searching:

Preparing for an interview

Preparing for graduate school:

Writing a resume and cover letter:

View all resources here: 

View all available internships and jobs here


Christina Moreschi works with students in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science, and the School of Business

(814) 732-1859

Click here to schedule with Christina

Peter Ostrander works with students in the College of Science and Health Professions, and the School of Education

(814) 732-1235

Click here to schedule with Peter



By Monica Clem
Monica Clem Executive Director, Career Development and Experiential Learning Monica Clem