Rachel Renaudin – Visual Merchandiser: Market District

“[At Edinboro] I was pushed to take responsibility of the skills I acquired through action and communication.”

Studio Arts – Painting

One of the most exciting aspects of living an artist’s life is that the seemingly routine is always different and changing. My day begins early in the studio working as a visual merchandiser and graphic artist at a specialty foods store called the Market District. During the afternoon, I always make it a point to take time to breathe some fresh air and get my workout in. I finish the day at my home studio working on projects as a freelance artist. Experiencing the world and meeting people is very important to me and integral in my developmental process as an artist.

I am very fortunate to be working directly within my concentration. While promoting my business, I have worked in small galleries and have managed, organized and demonstrated painting workshops, and have produced original art for corporate decor. I cannot say the climb to get to where I am today was easy, but I am truly a person living in 2018, who paints and creates handmade artwork for a living.

I was taught that if you pay close enough attention, every moment has the potential to lead and inspire new great works. I was shown how to use the appropriate tools, directed on how to execute the right time management when faced with an immense workload, pushed to persevere, but, most importantly, I was taught how crucial it was to maintain patience. The teaching I received at Edinboro University was anything but rote action or memorization; I was pushed to take responsibility of the skills I acquired through action and communication.